Exams take place during the first three weeks after the end of the lecture period (current examination dates can be looked up here). Exchange students register for their exams at the Faculty's International Office, respectively the Examination Office. Information will be provided to the students upon arrival.

Examination dates and terms may be modified for exchange students given that the regarding examiners agree. In this case, students will have to present a confirmation stating that the examination period overlaps with the beginning of the semester at their home university. The Faculty's International Office will provide detailed information about this process in due time, as well.

You can find further information on the FAQ sheet and the information sheet regarding course registration here.

A student’s academic work is evaluated by the following grades:

Grade Frankfurt

In Words


ECTS Grade

1 / 1,3

Very Good

A very good achievement

A / A

1,7 / 2,0 / 2,3


An achievement that considerably surpasses the demands set

B / B / C

2,7 / 3,0 / 3,3


An achievement that satisfies average demands set

C / C / D

3,7 / 4,0


A sufficient achievement

E / E


Not sufficient

An achievement that does not meet demands set


After finishing their exams, guest students and their home universities will automatically receive a transcript of records.