Health insurance

It is necessary for all students in Germany to have a valid health insurance for the whole period of their stay. German health insurance companies offer special student coverage for approximately 80 Euros per month.

Students from EU countries can keep their own home health insurances as well as their own private insurances and can bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which in case of illness is also valid in Germany.

Students from non-EU countries who do not possess a health insurance valid for Germany from their home country will here find some contacts to insurance companies in Frankfurt (information is provided in German!). You can find more information including helpful links in the Global Office's information brochure.


To cover claims by third parties arising from personal liability cases, a personal liability insurance is recommended. Accident insurance while pursuing study activities is provided free of charge by the Federal Government of Germany. The special DAAD-Group Insurance Scheme comprises illness, personal accident, and private liability.