Dear students, The last registration deadline for some module examinations will end by Friday, 12 June 2020. Module specific differences may occur, please check the module information on LSF course overview and the remarks in the examination timetable: LSF-Course OverviewExamination Timetable Registration and withdrawal usually takes place via QIS- Exam...[mehr]

Dear students, please find an update on changed examinations forms of the single exams: EEIN, ACRE, CGAA, PIKA, WPME:GMÖK Please check the information of all courses that you would like to take in SoSe 2020 in the course catalogue in the rubrics of Certificates (exam form) and prerequisites (registration and withdrawal deadline) as well as in the examination dates...[mehr]

Dear students, The first half of the summer semester 2020 is over and we hope that you can manage your studies well in this exceptional semester. Here is a little update on changed examination forms for single exams of SoSe 2020.Please check the information of all courses that you would like to take in SoSe 2020 in the course catalogue in the rubrics of Certificates (exam form) and...[mehr]

Dear students, The following review will take place: Exam Title: PMAR - Marketing 2, WiSe 2019/20Review Date: Online via VPN in the period from 15. 06.2020 to 19.06.2020.Registration procedure for the review date: Registration by email to by 11.06.2020. After registration, access data will be sent by 12.06.2020 Please refrain from asking about review dates for...[mehr]

Dear students, Your examiners try to catch up on cancelled post exam review dates of WiSe 2019/20. However, in-person exam reviews on site can only take place in compliance with the central guidelines and with the RKI standards. The Presidium has prescribed measures. Due to the available room capacities and the RKI requirements, it will not be possible for all examinations to offer an...[mehr]

Dear students, Today, on Thursday 28 May 2020, the Executive Board changed the regulation on the flat deadline extension of theses. Here is your summary available in German: Information of 28.05.2020. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide you with an English version due to capacity constraints. Please contact us by e-mail for...[mehr]

Dear students, Some deadlines will expire today on Friday 15 May 2020. Please check the deadlines and registration procedure of the modules you want to register in their LSF-course record. Different regulations apply! Please especially note, that the registraion and withdrawal deadline for the following modules changed due to the new examination form: WPMF:FMET; Finanzmarktethik:...[mehr]