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Dear students, the forms for the Assignment of Available Capacities online at this website until 01 pm! Yours Examination Office Wiwi[mehr]

Dear students, Please check the information for each course in which you want to take an exam in the LSF course catalogue under the headings "Dates/Times/Location Group" & "Comments" (course organization and realization), "Certificates" (examination form) and "Prerequisites" (exam registration and deregistration deadline). Attention: Some exam...[mehr]

Dear students, The examination period for the main oral (group) exams is provisionally scheduled from 20 June 2022 to 15 July 2022. As soon as the examination dates are fixed, your examiners will inform you.for the main written exams on site is provisionally scheduled from 18 July 2022 to 29 July 2022. The examination dates are now published. If a written exam on site is not possible due to...[mehr]

Dear students, Please note the updated Corona information of 04.04.2022, which summarizes the extent to which pandemic-related special regulations will continue in the summer semester 2022. Kind regards Yours Examination Office[mehr]

Dear students, Please don't forget:  For certain modules, which are limited to a number of participants, a two-stage registration procedure with two different deadlines applies. You have to take part in both stages, otherwise an exam registration is not possible. The following deadlines apply for two-stage registration procedures: Stage 1: Application Deadline: 21 March 2022 – 04 April...[mehr]

Dear students, We wish you all the best for the upcoming semester start and welcome all students who will start their studies in summer semester 2022 at our Faculty Wiwi! Please remember that you have to submit an application for admission to the Bachelor's, Master's or Subsidiary Subject's examination to the Examination Office once before the first exam registration within the admission period....[mehr]

Dear students, the winter semester is ending and your exams will take place soon. Please read these information about the upcoming exams carefully. The main exams shall take place as scheduled. We published the exam dates and forms on our website exam timetable. Written exams on site will take place in accordance with central requirements. Please allow extra time for possible...[mehr]

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