Availability of the Examination Office at the Turn of the Year

Dear students,

Due to the closing of the University, the Examinations Office will be closed from 22.12.2022 to 02.01.2023. We will be available again as from 03.01.2023 and will process all e-mails received as soon as possible.

If the submission date of your Bachelor's/Master's thesis is during the closing time, please send us your thesis by post (postal address: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Prüfungsamt, 60629 Frankfurt am Main, Germany). If you send the thesis by post, the date stamp is decisive and counts as submission date. Do not use internet stamps, as they have no date stamp by the post office! We recommend mailing by registered post (Einschreiben/ Einschreiben Einwurf).

If you agree on a Bachelor's/Master's thesis topic with your supervisor, please send us your signed registration form as an e-mail attachment to pruefungsamt[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de without delay. You will receive a registration confirmation from us after the closing time, informing you of the exact deadline and form of submission.

If you face any technical problems with exam registration / withdrawal or other problems during the closing time, please send us an e-mail immediately within the respective deadline.

Please keep up to date with the Examination Office News. We recommend subscribing to the Examination Office News.

We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season!
Yours Examination Office Wiwi