Exam Dates, Registration Deadline Exams & Bachelor's Thesis: 25.10.2023!

Dear students,

The exam dates of the winter semester 2023/24 are published. 

Please check the information for each course in which you want to take an exam in the LSF course catalogue under the headings "Dates/Times/Location Group" & "Comments" (course organization and realization), "Certificates" (examination form) and "Prerequisites" (exam registration and deregistration deadline).

Attention: Some exam registration / withdrawal deadlines and the assignment of Bachelor’s thesis supervisors end on 25.10.2023.

For modules and seminars, which are limited to a number of participants, a two-stage registration procedure with two different deadlines applies. You have to take part in both stages; otherwise, an exam registration is not possible. After evaluation of stage 1, please check your results for each applied module bundle under "My Functions > My Lectures"(Instruction Module Application, Page 3).

An acceptance in the application procedure entitles students to register for the allocated module, but it does not replace an exam registration. Without an exam registration in stage 2, the allocated module claim of the module application in stage 1 expires! Therefore, please remember to register for exams at stage 2 with Exam Registration Deadline: 12 - 25 October 2023 via QIS: My Functions > Administration of exams (Instruction Exam Registration/Withdrawal).

If there is an assignment of available capacities provided for a module or seminar, the assignment of available capacities will take place on 26 October 2023 from 12:00 noon to 02:00 p.m. by e-mail (pruefungsamt[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de). Detailed information on the procedure of the assignment of available capacities are available at the website Assignment of Available Capacities.

We wish you a good start to the semester!

Kind regards
Yours Examination Office Wiwi