Examination Office: Opening Hours at the Turn of the Year

Dear students,

From 23.12.2013 to 03.01.2020, the Examination Office is closed.
As from 06.01.2020 the opening and consultation hours apply as usual: http://goethe.link/ServicezeitenPA

If the submission deadline of your thesis is affected by these closing times, please mail your thesis by post to this postal address: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Prüfungsamt, 60629 Frankfurt am Main. The date of the postmark will count as submission date. As proof we recommend mailing by registered post ("Einschreiben"). Please avoid internet stamps at all because these have no stamp date!

If the deadline for the registration and acceptance of your thesis topic is affected by the above mentioned closing times, you have to come to the personal consultation hour on 06.01.2020.

Short-term changes in the opening hours will be announced via the Examination Office News. We recommend subscribing to the Examination Office News (http://goethe.link/NewsAbo).

Happy pre-Christmas period!
Yours Examination Office