Master of Science: Additional Offer HOET in SoSe 2023

Dear Master students,

Please note that the following additional offer in the Master's programmes in SoSe 2023:

History of Economic Theory: 19th and 20th Centuries - HOET - Schefold, Bertram, Prof. Dr., Dr. Dres. h.c

  • Examination From: Written examination of 90 minutes' duration. The exact exam date can be found in the updated exam dates of the SoSe 2023. Please refresh the website - it may be that an old version of the file is stored in your cache.
  • Deadline for Exam Registration: 06 April 2023 - 09 June 2023. Withdrawal is possible up to one week before the examination date. Exam registration and withdrawal takes place via QIS: My Functions > Administration of exams (Instruction).For exchange students, exam registration and withdrawal is not possible via QIS. Exchange students register or withdraw with a form within the deadline. Forms and information are available at the Website of the Faculty's International Office.
  • Attention: Classes start as from 26.04.2023!

Please check all information in the LSF course catalogue and in the corresponding OLAT course.

Kind regards
Yours Examination Office