Start Application Deadline and Exam Dates WiSe 2023/24

Dear students,

We wish you all the best for the upcoming semester start and welcome all students who will start their studies at our Faculty Wiwi! Please remember that you have to submit an application for admission to the Bachelor's, Master's or Subsidiary Subject's examination to the Examination Office once before the first exam registration within the admission period. You can download the application for admission at the download area as of 25.09.2023.

Please check the information for each course in which you want to take an exam in the LSF course catalogue under the headings "Dates/Times/Location Group" & "Comments" (course organization and realization), "Certificates" (examination form) and "Prerequisites" (registration and deregistration deadline). In some cases, different deadlines and registration procedures apply.

The main exam dates of the winter semester 2023/24 are published on this website.

For certain modules, which are limited to a number of participants, a two-stage registration procedure with two different deadlines applies. You have to take part in both stages, otherwise an exam registration is not possible. The procedure requires a login with the HRZ account and iTAN number. If you face problems with your access data, the support of the University Computing Center is available. The following deadlines apply for two-stage registration procedures:

Stage 1: Application Deadline: 25 September 2023 - 09 October 2023
Module Application via QIS: My Functions > Lectures occupy/sign off (Instruction QIS Module Application)

Stage 2: Exam Registration and Withdrawal Deadline: 12 October 2023 - 25 October 2023
Exam Registration and Withdrawal via QIS: My Functions > Administration of exams (Instruction QIS Exam Registration)

Assignment of Available Capacities: 26 October 2023, detailed information are published on this website.


  • Bachelor's students, who will start their studies at the Faculty Wiwi in the first semester in the winter semester 2023/24, please note that the two-stage registration procedure only applies to modules with a limited number of participants in the qualification phase. For the compulsory modules of the first two semesters of the orientation phase, there is no application procedure, but only an examination registration via QIS within the applicable registration deadlines as from 12 October 2023.
  • Master's students, who will start their studies at the Faculty Wiwi in the first semester in the winter semester 2023/24, will only be able to participate in stage 1 of the procedure after the official semester start as from 04 October 2023 at 12 noon onwards for technical reasons. You will not be disadvantaged by this, as the time of application is not important for the lottery.

Given problems or questions, please contact us immediately before the respective deadline ends via e-mail (pruefungsamt[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de) with a screenshot of the displayed error message attached. Please use significant subject lines and always provide your student ID number and your full name.

Kind regards
Yours Examination Office Wiwi