Submission Final Thesis – Formal Requirement as of 1. October 2022!

Dear students,

As of 01.10.2022, final theses must be submitted to the Examination Office exclusively during personal service hours or via post in the following form:

  • Master’s thesis as two written (bound) hard copies and in electronic form on a data carrier.
  • Bachelor’s thesis as one written (bound) hard copy. If an electronic version is desired by the supervisor, please submit it along with the bound hard copy on a data carrier.

Please note the service hours of the examination office and make an appointment to hand in your thesis in person.
If your submission date is outside the personal office hours of the Examination Office, it is also sufficient to postmark the submission at a post office in order to meet the deadline. If you send the thesis by post, the date stamp is decisive and counts as submission date. We recommend mailing by registered post (Einschreiben/ Einschreiben Einwurf). Please avoid internet stamps at all because these have no date stamp!

If the deadline is not met or the thesis is not submitted in the prescribed form, it will be considered a failed examination. As from 01.10.2022, please don't send us your thesis by e-mail - this does not comply with the prescribed form!

Yours Examination Office Wiwi