In a new article appearing in the Journal of Economic Psychology, Tim Bonowski and Gerhard Minnameier (Chair for Business Ethics and Business Education) address the question of how mutual trust can come about even in anonymous contexts. Their results show that mutual moral evaluations have an effect even when nothing is at stake except self-image. If the possibility for this kind of communication...[more]

DRSC and ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) – in cooperation with Goethe University Frankfurt and Deutsche Börse Group – invite you to discuss the ISSB's proposals for a global baseline of sustainability disclosures. The event will take place on June 21, 2022, 10:00 am - 1:30 pm at Goethe University Frankfurt. It will be held in English. Virtual participation is also...[more]

About Tradition and Modernity in Chinese Economy: In the UniReport 2.22, Bertram Schefold and Iwo Amelung talk about their anthology “European and Chinese Histories of Economic Thought”. The publication brings together Western and Chinese scholars to reflect on the historical evolution of economic thought in Europe and China, and includes results of a conference at Forschungskolleg...[more]

Women are underrepresented in many academic professions. This is particularly the case in economics, as shown by a study conducted by economist Guido Friebel from Goethe University and his team in cooperation with the Toulouse School of Economics. The situation for women is most difficult in senior positions and at universities that are particularly strong in research. The study on the ratio of...[more]

On this site you will find current information and a collection of links to Goethe University's services as well as support offers from non-profit organisations and crowd initiatives. Our information will be updated regularly. [more]

Dr. Jens Weidmann is being honored by the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS). The IMFS Board of Directors appointed Weidmann as a Distinguished Fellow. “We are very pleased to have Jens Weidmann, with his expertise and many years of central bank experience, as an IMFS Distinguished Fellow. During his time at the helm of the Bundesbank, monetary policy had to find answers to new...[more]

In a recent article published in the Journal of Banking & Finance, Özlem Dursun-de Neef (Goethe University) and her co-author Alexander Schandlbauer (University of Southern Denmark and Danish Finance Institute) explore lending responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors examine how European banks adjusted their lending at the onset of the pandemic depending on their exposure to the...[more]

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