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Dr. Jens Weidmann is being honored by the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS). The IMFS Board of Directors appointed Weidmann as a Distinguished Fellow. “We are very pleased to have Jens Weidmann, with his expertise and many years of central bank experience, as an IMFS Distinguished Fellow. During his time at the helm of the Bundesbank, monetary policy had to find answers to new...[more]

In a recent article published in the Journal of Banking & Finance, Özlem Dursun-de Neef (Goethe University) and her co-author Alexander Schandlbauer (University of Southern Denmark and Danish Finance Institute) explore lending responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors examine how European banks adjusted their lending at the onset of the pandemic depending on their exposure to the...[more]

The Epi-Macro MMB is a new resource for researchers and policy analysts who want to assess macroeconomic and health impact of epidemics and appropriate policy measures. The database developed by Mathias Trabandt, Volker Wieland and the IMFS team features more than 20 models at the start and will be expanded. For each model a short summary and the replication code to download are available at...[more]

Elite Princeton University and prestigious business school HEC Paris have recently begun using LiveX, a software developed at Goethe University to simulate stock markets. By this, LiveX is applied for the first time in the US.FRANKFURT. Numerous top European universities have already decided: They are using the LiveX stock market simulation software for digital and interactive education in the...[more]

The new mentoring program at the Faculty of Economics and Business has been established for female doctoral candidates who are in the early phase of their dissertation. The mentors are mainly professors from German universities who work in the same field / subject area as their mentees. During the 18-month duration of the mentoring program, there are regular (digital) meetings between mentees...[more]

On October 26, UBS Nobel Perspectives live! was held with four Nobel Laureates in Economics Robert Engle, Christopher Pissarides, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz at Goethe University's Westend Campus. Around 300 students were there live to discuss the future of Europe and the climate crisis. The recording of this high-profile event is available here. In 2017, UBS launched Nobel...[more]

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