Best Paper Award for EI researcher Seonho Shin

Seonho Shin, doctoral student at the department of Empirical Economics and International Economic Policy, won the Best Paper Award of the French National Center for Scientific Research

Seonho Shin, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy (Primary supervisor: Prof. Dr. Horst Entorf, Second supervisor: J. Prof. Jin-Young Choi, Ph.D.) and a research associate at the Chair of Econometrics led by Prof. Dr. Horst Entorf, has been awarded the Best Paper Award by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) hosting the 11th Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting. The meeting was held at Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, with major press media present.

His paper titled "Were they a shock or an opportunity? The September 11th attacks and the labor market outcomes of political refugees in the United States - A revisit with non-linear multi-level approaches" was chosen due to both its unique empirical contributions to labor economics and advanced econometric techniques that should attract other economists, according to the statement of a referee. The award came with a cash prize as well.