Markus Nisch on the EIASM Workshop on Accounting and Economics

Written byMarkus Nisch
Name of the conferenceEIASM Workshop on Accounting and Economics
VenueTilburg, The Netherlands
Date23-24 June 2016
Paper presented
Incentive Provision and Optimal Group Size for Development Projects


Key message of my paper

We find that increasing risk in a development project requires a smaller optimal group size of researchers. Furthermore, increasing project risk should be countervailed by downsizing the project instead of managing the risk.

What I noticed

The conference is known for its strong focus on analytical research which leads to more focused and longer discussions. Furthermore, many experienced researchers and some editors of major journals were present. It was interesting to meet these highly respected people in person and talk to them while queuing for coffee.

This talk has surprised me

Paul Fischer held a very interesting key note where he pointed out that there should not be any sacred cows in terms of basic assumptions of human characteristics or behaviour. Any assumption can be changed if it is convincing from an evolutionary perspective.

I plan to take a closer look at this paper

Ralf Ewert, Alfred Wagenhofer: Accounting Characteristics and Internal Controls. Their approach is very intuitive and combines two interesting aspects of accounting while keeping the complexity of the model small.

The main topics between the sessions

Career paths in academia, the consequences of the Brexit vote and obviously football (since the group phase of the Euros has just ended).

What I take away for my research

Go through any potential weakness of your research and find a plausible response to be prepared for critical questions.