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180 Degrees Consulting Frankfurt is a group of highly motivated students coming from diverse faculties, dedicated to combine motivation and talents of students with the needs of social and charitable organizations. During your time in our initiative you will be able to gain working experience and use your skills to participate in the making of a better future.
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AIESEC is the world's largest non-profit youth-run organization. It is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development and cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe, with a focus to empower young people so they can make a positive impact on society. AIESEC provides a platform for young people in different universities and colleges, by going on an international internship and/or by joining various local chapters. These young individuals can develop their leadership potential by working and leading international teams.
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The "Bachelor meets Business" series, which is organized every winter semester is an important communication plattform for students as well as commercial entreprises. The planning and organsiation starts every summer semester.

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The E! Woche,  a voluntary student initiative is organizing the introduction days for the beginners at the faculty of economics and business administration. Under the command of the deanship are 8 organizer and 40 mentors realizing this project each semester.
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Enactus (“ENtrepreneurial, ACTion, US”) is an international student organization. Its goal is to create social impact through entrepreneurial action. Students from a variety of subjects combine their knowledge in sustainable projects and empower those who need it the most in our society.
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The student government association is responsible for representing the interests of all students at the Faculty of Economics and Business.
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The entrepreneurial initiative „Founders Club Frankfurt“ stands for entrepreneurship spirit, Start-Ups and founding in general. Through your membership you should lose the fear of failure and learn basic skills to start a successful business.  We are organizing events with entrepreneurs to provide new ideas and the exchange of knowledge. Additionally, we are organizing workshops, pitch sessions and start up tours (Tel Aviv, Berlin..).
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The Goethe Business & Economics Club is a neutral, independent and non-profit club for business and economics, founded 2009 in Frankfurt am Main.

The club's objective is to offer a critical and plural further education and application of all areas of business and economics in a theoretical and practical point of view. This is done in close cooperation with numerous institutions from society, politics, economy and science.

Furthermore, the Goethe Business & Economics Club offers cultural and social activities, a sustainable alumni network, national and international contacts, as well as exclusive career opportunities. By their means, it fosters the cohesion amongst its members as well as the bonding to the Goethe University.

The club consists for the following departments:

–             Goethe Business Club

–             Goethe Economics Club

–             Goethe Finance Club

–             Goethe Technology Club


GREEN finance consulting e.V. is the student business consultancy of Goethe University. Being a member offers the opportunity to carry out consultancy projects for external professional businesses, as well as to take part in internal projects in order to shape our association. GREEN finance consulting aquires mandates and supports all member with executing those by providing our highly motivated students with exclusive workshops in addition to a network and community for knowledge transfer.
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impress! e.V. is a rhetorical initiative at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Weekly meetings, seminars and workshops are available to all students from different University Departments. Our main goal is to achieve further education of our communicative skills. impress! e.V. is supported by renowned  companies, professors and rhetoric trainers from all areas of the professional business world.
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INFINITY Frankfurt am Main is an association of students who seek to create positive contributions to the economy and society in terms of sustainability and climate protection. Our goal is to raise awareness for economic, ecological, and social sustainability locally. Through self-organized lectures and workshops in cooperation with representatives from the business community, we impart methodological competencies and knowledge regarding sustainability. We implement our ideas and design future-oriented solutions for the current problems of our society within the framework of social entrepreneurial projects. Accordingly, we offer the opportunity for students with similar interests and passions to get to know each other and exchange ideas with the business community.
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Our initiative Critical Economics demands and promotes pluralism as well as critical thinking in economics. We advocate for a transformation of teaching in economics, or rather political economy, to show students the plethora of (theoretical) approaches within the body of thought and to foster a reflexive attitude. Central to our engagement is the academic exchange of ideas between students of different disciplines.
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„MTP - Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V. is Germany's largest student marketing group. We offer students the opportunity to expand their personal marketing network and to develop themselves!

As a marketing initiative, we build bridges between companies and students by creating a platform for interaction. Companies get the possibility to establish their connection with the university; students get the chance to meet well-known representatives of the business world. “

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In Germany, the link between a young person perspective and socio-demographic background is remarkably strong. The German school system is very selective. ROCK YOUR LIFE! wants to encourage pupils on their way to professional life and contribute to them finding out about their strengths and talents.
Pupils are accompanied by college students for two years in a one-on-one mentoring program. They complete a professional qualification program together. Three seminars, given by qualified RYL! coaches, take place at each local chapter. Over 5,000 pupils have been successfully attained by our program.
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The Skyline Investment Club e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 2020 by students of Goethe University. We see ourselves as much more than a stock exchange association, because we have set ourselves the goal of successfully supporting the students of our university, from day 1 of your studies. The focus of the SIC is thematically on the areas of asset management and investment banking. Here we support our members through workshops of well-known companies, in applying for internships as well as in preparing for interviews. All around, we also focus on the aspect of networking and offer the chance to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people right from the beginning of your studies.

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Tech Academy e.V. aims to form the next digital leaders. Students have the opportunity to learn Data Science and Web development coding in the programs. To deepen their knowledge, the members apply their acquired Tech Skills in projects and solve real problems digitally. Besides the regular coding meetings, students are actively supported in the development and implementation of their projects through workshops, lectures and company visits.

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WiWir Buddy Program is a student organization at the faculty of economics and business administration, supporting and helping incoming exchange students during their stay in Frankfurt. The aim is to make their time in Germany as enjoyable as possible.
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"Women in Business" is the first female empowerment Initiative at Goethe University. Our mission is to support female students in developing and boosting their careers in business and finance sectors.

To achieve this, we learn from successful women in leadership positions who share their knowledge and experience. We organize and provide workshops, discussions, networking and recruiting events and a mentoring program. These aim to help women, especially students, expand their network and knowledge in business.

We also work to raise awareness of gender equality and diversity in the business world and to engage with topics related to women in business. Instagram: goethewomeninbusiness // E-Mail: