Sturm & Drang-Preis 2020

© Uwe Dettmar

Simon Heß, Ph.D. gewinnt den “Sturm & Drang-Preis” 2020 für seine Publikation “Development Projects and Economic Networks: Lessons from Rural Gambia”. Das Papier ist in Co-Autorenschaft mit Dany Jaimovich, Ph.D. und Prof. Matthias Schündeln, Ph.D. entstanden.

Nähere Informationen zum Preisträger finden Sie hier.
Zur Laudatio von Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld
Link zur Publikation


Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz
Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld
Prof. Dr. Thomas Otter

Danksagung des Preisträgers Simon Heß:

"I want to thank everyone who contributed to this study – first of all my two co-authors.

However, I especially want to express my gratitude to those who are typically not explicitly named, but whose hard work and contribution is key to conducting research like ours. This group includes our enumerators and colleagues in The Gambia, Saikou Jawara, Amie Bojang Dibba, Ebrima Suso, Awa Nagib, Antou Faal, Pa Alieu, Alpha Suso, Lamin Dibba, Raymond Jatta, Lamin Cham, and a number of incredibly helpful people at the Gambia Bureau of Statistics, as well as all study participants, who took the time to contribute to our interviews."