Europe and the US: Comparative Economic Analyses (Syllabus, OLAT Link)
Lectures held by Prof. Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Ph.D.

Room for lectures: Hörsaalzentrum - HZ 14
Room for classes: Seminarhaus - SH 4.104

This course analyzes differences in the economic systems, economic outcomes, and preferences for economic policies between Europe and the US. Topics include the welfare state, taxation, labor markets, demographics, preferences for redistribution, migration, monetary and fiscal policy, and the educational system. The course studies both the origins of potential differences, as well as their consequences for the lives of people. We explore macro- as well as microeconomic studies of both theoretical and empirical nature. However, a focus on the course lies on empirical studies and empirical methods, and advanced knowledge of econometrics is a prerequisite.