Courses Offered in Sommersemester 2020

- Advanced Econometrics 2, Part 2 (MSQ/Ph.D.)


Courses Offered in Wintersemester 2018/19

- Macroeconomics 1 (Makroökonomie 1 ("BMAK"), Undergraduate): The course website is available under https://olat-ce.server.uni-frankfurt.de/olat/auth/RepositoryEntry/7239761921

- Introduction to Macroeconometric Forecasting: Predicting Exchange Rates (Undergraduate): The course website is available under https://olat-ce.server.uni-frankfurt.de/olat/auth/RepositoryEntry/7450787854

- Solution, Identification and Estimation of DSGE Models (MSQ/Ph.D.): The course website is available under https://olat-ce.server.uni-frankfurt.de/olat/auth/RepositoryEntry/7452098565




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