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Dr. Manuel Wörsdörfer


  • Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy


  • Chair of Economic Development and Integration

Academic / Professional Positions

  • Since 2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Goethe University Frankfurt


    • 2011: PhD in Economics, Goethe University Frankfurt

      Research Interests

      • Economic Ethics
      • History of Economic Thought
      • Ordnungsökonomik/Ordo-Economics
      • Ordo-/Neoliberalism and Social Market Economy
      • Economic Polic
      • Neuroeconomics and Behavioural Economics
      • European Integration

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        Author Publications

        How to Assess the Democratic Qualities of a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative from a Habermasian Perspective? Deliberative Democracy and the Equator Principles Framework
        Journal of Business Ethics
        2017 Martens, Wil
        van der Linden, Bastiaan
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        The Equator Principles and Human Rights Due Diligence – Towards a Positive and Leverage-based Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
        Philosophy of Management
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Equator Principles: Bridging the Gap between Economics and Ethics?
        Business and Society Review
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Animal Behavioral Economics: Lessons Learnt from Primate Research
        Economic Thought
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Inside the 'Homo oeconomicus Brain': Towards a Reform of the Economics Curriculum
        Journal of Business Ethics Education
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Free, Prior and Informed Consent' and Inclusion: Nussbaum, Ostrom, Sen and the Equator Principles Framework
        Transnational Legal Theory
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        The ‘Societal Crisis of the Present’ as a Neoliberal Leitmotif
        History of Economic Thought and Policy
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Individual versus Regulatory Ethics: An Economic-Ethical and Theoretical-Historical Analysis of Ordoliberalism
        OEconomia. History
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        On the Affiliation of Phenomenology and Ordoliberalism: Links between Edmund Husserl, Rudolf and Walter Eucken
        The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
        Klump, Rainer
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        An Ordoliberal Interpretation of Adam Smith
        ORDO Jahrbuch für die Ordnung von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
        Lucius & Lucius Verlag
        Klump, Rainer
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel
        Über die normativen Implikationen des Ordoliberalismus fur die moderne Wirtschaftsethik. (The Ethical-Normative Implications of German Ordoliberalism)
        Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik
        Klump, Rainer
        Wörsdörfer, Manuel