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JunProf. Guiliano Curatola, Ph.D.


  • Finance


  • Juniorprofessorship for Asset Pricing and Trading

Academic / Professional Positions

  • Since 2013: Junior Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany


  • 2013: Ph.D., Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL, Financial Econmics, Thesis: Essays in Asset Pricing
  • 2007: 2nd Level Master Degree, Economics and Finance, University of Naples Federico II, italy
  • 2006: Master Degree, Business Administration, University of Calabria, Italy
  • 2004: Bachelor Degree, Business Administration, University of Calabria, Italy

Research Interests

  • Asset pricing in general equilibrium
  • International finance
  • Preference heterogeneity and social interaction
  • Behavioral finance
  • Portfolio theory

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Pricing sin stocks: Ethical preference vs. risk aversion
European Economic Review
Curatola, Guiliano
Gioffré, Alessandro
Colonnello, Stefano
CEO investment of deferred compensation plans and firm performance
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
2019 Colonnello, Stefano
Curatola, Giuliano
Curatola, Guiliano
Gioffré, Alessandro