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Prof. Matthias Schündeln, Ph.D.


  • Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy


  • Messe Frankfurt Chair of International Economic Policy

Academic / Professional Positions

  • Since 2009: Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2004 - 2009: Assistant Professor, Harvard University, USA


  • 2004: Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University, USA
  • 2001: M.Phil. in Economics, Yale University, USA
  • 2000: M.A. in Economics, Yale University, USA
  • 1996: Staatsexamen in Mathematics and Geography, University of Cologne, Germany

Research Interests

  • Development Economics
  • Impact Evaluation of Development Programs
  • Migration and Saving
  • Law and Economics

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Author Publications

Multiple Visits and Data Quality in Household Surveys
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
Schündeln, Matthias
On the endogeneity of political preferences: Evidence from individual experience with democracy
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Schündeln, Matthias
Private versus Social Returns to Human Capital: Education and Economic Growth in India
European Economic Review
Schündeln, Matthias
Playforth, John
Are Immigrants More Mobile Than Natives? Evidence From Germany
Journal of Regional Science
Schündeln, Matthias
Local Financial Development and Firm Performance: Evidence from Marocco
Journal of Development Economics
2013 Fafchamps, Marcel
Schündeln, Matthias
Ethnic Heterogeneity and the Private Provision of Public Goods
Journal of Development Studies
Schündeln, Matthias
Appreciating Depreciation: Physical Capital Depreciation in a Developing Country
Empirical Economics
Schündeln, Matthias
Deterring or Displacing Electoral Irregularities? Spillover Effects of Observers in a Randomized Field Experiment in Ghana
Journal of Politics
2012 Ichino, Nahomi
Schündeln, Matthias
Where are Limited Liability Companies Formed? An Empirical Analysis
Journal of Law and Economics
2012 Dammann, Jens
Schündeln, Matthias
Can Entrepreneurial Activity Be Taught? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Central America
World Development
2011 Klinger, Bailey
Schündeln, Matthias
The Incorporation Choices of Privately Held Corporations
Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization
2011 Dammann, Jens
Schündeln, Matthias
Who Stays, Who Goes, Who Returns? East-West Migration within Germany since Reunification
Economics of Transition
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Schündeln, Matthias
Precautionary Savings and Self-Selection: Evidence from the German Reunification `Experiment`
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Schündeln, Matthias
The Savings Behavior of East and West Germans - Theoretical Predictions and Empirical Evidence
Schmollers Jahrbuch: Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften/Journal of Applied Social Science Studies
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Schündeln, Matthias