Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Supporting the Design of Data Integration Requirements During the Development of Data Warehouses: a Communication Theory-based Approach
European Journal of Information Systems
2016 Rosenkranz, Christoph
Holten, Roland
Räkers, Marc
Behrmann, Wolf
Abusing ETFs
Review of Finance
Hackethal, Andreas
Meyer, Steffen
Bhattacharya, Utpal
Loos, Benjamin
The effectiveness of different forms of online advertising for purchase conversion in a multiple-channel attribution framework
International Journal of Research in Marketing
de Haan, Evert
Wiesel, Thorsten
Pauwels, Koen
Does the Geographic Expansion of Banks Reduce Risk?
Journal of Financial Economics
Götz, Martin
Laeven, Luc
Levine, Ross
Social Media Management Strategies for Organizational Impression Management and their Effect on Public Perception
Journal of Strategic Information Systems
2016 Benthaus, Janek
Risius, Marten
Beck, Roman
Visualizing Asymmetric Competition among More than 1,000 Products Using Big Search Data
Marketing Science
2016 Ringel, Daniel
Skiera, Bernd
How Family Status and Social Security Claiming Options Shape Optimal Life Cycle Portfolios
Review of Financial Studies
2016 Hubener, Andreas
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Time is money: Rational life cycle inertia and the delegation of investment management
Journal of Financial Economics
2016 Hoikwang Kim, Hugh
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
The Dynamics of Crises and the Equity Premium
Review of Financial Studies
2016 Branger, Nicole
Kraft, Holger
Meinerding, Christoph
Internal Labor Migration as a Shock Coping Strategy: Evidence from a Typhoon
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
Gröger, André
Zylberberg, Yanos
Procyclical Capital Regulation and Lending
Journal of Finance
2016 Behn, Markus
Haselmann, Rainer
Wachtel, Paul
How to improve acquisition performance: The role of a dedicated M&A function, M&A learning process, and M&A capability,
Strategic Management Journal
2016 Trichterborn, Anja
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
How can Prospective Teachers Improve their Economic Competence
Zeitschrift für ökonomische Bildung
2016 Siegfried, Christin
Wuttke, Eveline
Development of a Multi-Faceted Model of Domain-Specific Problem-Solving Competence and its Acceptance by Different Stakeholders in the Business Domain
Wuttke, Eveline
Rausch, Andreas
Language Policy and Human Development
American Political Science Review
2016 Ramachandran, Rajesh
Laitin, David D.
What predicts US recessions?
International Journal of Forecasting
2016 Liu, Weiling
Mönch, Emanuel
Capital Misallocation And Aggregate Factor Productivity
Macroeconomic Dynamics
2016 Azariadis, Costas
Kaas, Leo
Public debt and total factor productivity
Economic Theory
Kaas, Leo
Customer response to interactional service experience: The role of interaction environment
Journal of Service Management
2016 Albrecht, Carmen-Maria
Hattula, Stefan
Bornemann, Torsten
Hoyer, Wayne D.
Determining Profit-optimizing Return Policies – A Two-Step Approach on Data from Taobao.com
Electronic Markets
2016 Zhou, Wenyan
Hinz, Oliver
Making Digital Freemium Business Models a Success - Predicting Customers' Lifetime Value via Initial Purchase Information
CESifo Economic Studies
2016 Voigt, Sebastian
Hinz, Oliver
The Ambiguous Identifier Clustering Technique: A Method for Unobserved Product Heterogeneity in Online Transaction Data
Electronic Markets
2016 Scholz, Michael
Franz, Markus
Hinz, Oliver
TV's Dirty Little Secret: The Negative Effect of Popular TV on Online Auction Sales
Management Information Systems Quarterly
Hinz, Oliver
Kim, Ju-Young
Hill, Shawndra
Entwicklung der Vorstands- und Aufsichtsratsvergütung 2014/2015: Vergütungslandschaft im Dax und MDax
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Althoff, Carolin
Bundle, Laura
Hanke, Anika
Schmid, Remo
Fischer, Nicole
Schütte, Axel
Reich, Johannes
Hönsch, Henning
Kaspar, Martin
Ermessensspielräume und Bilanzierungsfehler bei der Anwendung des IFRS 5 - Theoretische Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und Enforcement-Fehlerfeststellungen -
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Worret, Daniel