Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



On the Fintech Revolution: Interpreting the Forces of Innovation, Disruption and Transformation in Financial Services
Journal of Management Information Systems
Gomber, Peter
Kauffman, Robert J.
Parker, Chris
Weber, Bruce W.
How Do Hours Worked Vary with Income? Cross-Country Evidence and Implications
American Economic Review
2018 Bick, Alexander
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Lagakos, David
A Probit Model with Structured Covariance for Similarity Effects and Source of Volume Calculations
Journal of Marketing Research
2018 Dotson, Jeffrey P.
Howell, John R.
Brazell, Jeff D.
Otter, Thomas
Lenk, Peter J.
MacEachern, Steven
Allenby, Greg M.
How Customer Referral Programs Turn Social Capital into Economic Capital
Journal of Marketing Research
2018 van den Bulte, Christophe
Bayer, Emanuel
Skiera, Bernd
Schmitt, Philipp
Will They Take the Money and Work? People’s Willingness to Delay Claiming Social Security Benefits for a Lump Sum
Journal of Risk and Insurance
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Rogalla, Ralph
Schimetschek, Tatjana
Interaction-based coding of scaffolding processes
Learning and Instruction
Minnameier, Gerhard
Hermkes, Rico
Mach, Hanna
Expectation-based loss aversion and rank-order tournaments
Economic Theory
2018 Dato, Simon
Müller, Daniel
Grunewald, Andreas
A Note on Credit Risk Transfers and the Macroeconomy
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Faia, Ester
Can firms see into the future? Survey evidence from Germany
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2018 Massenot, Baptiste
Pettinicchi, Yuri
Bubbly Markov equilibria
Economic Theory
2018 Barbie, Martin
Hillebrand, Marten
Bubbles and Crowding-in of Capital via a Savings Glut
Macroeconomic Dynamics
2018 Hillebrand, Marten
Kikuchi, Tomoo
Sakuragawa, Masaya
Focusing on Volatility Information Instead of Portfolio Weights as an Aid to Investor Decisions
Experimental Economics
2018 Ehm, Christian
Laudenbach, Christine
Weber, Martin
Why is Optimal Growth Theory Mute? Restoring its Rightful Voice
Macroeconomic Dynamics
2018 de la Grandville, Olivier
To deter or to moderate? Alliance formation in contests with incomplete information
Economic Inquiry
2018 Morath, Florian
Konrad, Kai A.
Note on Sample Quantiles for Ordinal Data
Statistical Papers
Hassler, Uwe
Monetary Policy, Factor Substitution, and Convergence
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Klump, Rainer
Jurkat, Anne
Unisex pricing of German Participating Life Annuities – boon or bane for customer and insurance company?
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
2018 Bruszas, Sandy
Kaschützke, Barbara
Maurer, Raimond
Siegelin, Ivonne
Evaluating Lump Sum Incentives for Delayed Social Security Claiming
Public Policy & Aging Report
2018 Mitchell, Olivia S.
Maurer, Raimond
Competition and bank stability
Journal of Financial Intermediation
Götz, Martin
A New Measure of Real Estate Uncertainty Shocks
Real Estate Economics
2018 Lee, Gabriel
Strobel, J.
Thanh, Binh Nguyen
Journalist disagreement
Journal of Financial Markets
Hillert, Alexander
Jacobs, Heiko
Müller, Sebastian
Applying Privacy Patterns to the Internet of Things’ (IoT) Architecture
Mobile Networks and Applications
2018 Pape, Sebastian
Rannenberg, Kai
Fiscal Stimulus and Systematic Monetary Policy: Postwar Evidence for the United States
Economics Letters
2018 Rüth, S.
Current Account Dynamics and the Housing Cycle in Spain
Journal of International Money and Finance
2018 Rüth, S.
Maas, Daniel
Mayer, Eric
Inequality, Household Debt and Financial Instability: an Agent-Based Perspective
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2018 Cardaci, A.