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The Influence of Prototypicality and Level of Exposure on Consumers´ Responses to Product Design: Field Evidence from German Car Buyers

Wentzel, Daniel
Herrmann, Andreas
Volume: 37
Pages: 682 - 683
ISSN-Print: 0098-9258
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2010
Abstract: Existing research on product design has suggested that a design''s prototypicality is an important determinant of consumers'' aesthetic responses. Furthermore, most studies have measured consumers'' reactions to designs varying in prototypicality after a single exposure. In reality, however, consumers have multiple opportunities to observe a product before making a decision. In this research, we investigate if the positive effect of prototypicality is moderated by the level of exposure. More specifically, we postulate that more prototypical designs will lose in aesthetic appeal after multiple exposures, whereas less prototypical designs will gain in aesthetic appeal. Two studies focusing on German car buyers provide converging support for this prediction.