Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

The Impact of New Media on Customer Relationships

Hennig-Thurau, Thorsten
Malthouse, Edward C.
Friege, Christian
Gensler, Sonja
Lobschat, Lara
Rangaswamy, Arvind
Volume: 13
Number: 3
Pages: 311 - 330
Month: August
ISSN-Print: 1094-6705
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2010
Keywords: New media; Customer relationships; Electronic word-of-mouth; Online communities; ecommendation systems; Mobile technologies
Abstract: Recent years have witnessed the rise of new media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter, which enable customers to take a more active role as market players and reach (and be reached by) almost everyone anywhere and anytime. These new media threaten long established business models and corporate strategies, but also provide ample opportunities for growth through new adaptive strategies. This paper introduces a new ‘‘pinball’’ framework of new media’s impact on relationships with customers and identifies key new media phenomena which companies should take into account when managing their relationships with customers in the new media universe. For each phenomenon, we identify challenges for researchers and managers which relate to (a) the understanding of consumer behavior, (b) the use of new media to successfully manage customer interactions, and (c) the effective measurement of customers’ activities and outcomes.