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Towards Privacy-enhanced Mobile Communities - Architecture, Concepts and User Trials.

Tschersich, Markus
Kahl, Christian
Heim, Stephan
Crane, Stephen
Böttcher, Katja
Volume: 84
Number: 11
Pages: 1947 - 1960
Month: November
ISSN-Print: 0164-1212
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2011
Keywords: Mobile communities; Privacy; Trust; Identity management; Targeted advertising
Abstract: With the advent of mobile broadband technologies and capable mobile devices, social communities become a ubiquitous environment for people to stay in contact and share information with friends and fellows. This provides new opportunities for communities and their providers (e.g. regarding advertising) but also implies new question regarding the privacy and trust of their users. We argue that a balance needs to be found between these (partially) diverging interests and motivate, why a new approach to identity management and users privacy is necessary in this context. Based on requirements retrieved by real-life communities, we describe an architecture including privacy enhancing concepts and advanced privacy respecting advertising, which addresses such requirements. We further describe the architectures’ prototypical implementation, and present for the first time evaluation results based on user trials with two different mobile communities.