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Enabling Privacy of Real-Life LBS: A Platform for Flexible Mobile Service Provisioning

Zibuschka, Jan
Fritsch, Lothar
Radmacher, Mike
Scherner, Tobias
Month: Mai
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2007
Abstract: Privacy in computerized environments is perceived very differently depending on the respective point of view. Often “privacy enhancing technologies” — initiated by the user, as a measure of self-defense — are seen as conflicting with business goals such as cost-efficiency, revenue assurance, and options for further business development based on existing data. This paper presents the design and implementation of an architecture and prototype for privacy-friendly, interoperable location-based services (LBS), based on intermediation of location data via a location middleware component. The aim is to combine privacy-friendliness, efficiency, and market potential. Therefore the security interests of the stakeholders are analyzed and an architecture solution including an intermediary is introduced. Then the prototype implementation (at a mobile operator) is described and the usage of the prototype for a commercial service and product offer by the operator involved in the development is discussed.