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Mobile Brokerage Infrastructures - Capabilities and Security Requirements

Muntermann, Jan
Roßnagel, Heiko
Month: Mai
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2005
Keywords: Mobile Brokerage; Security Requirements; Service Integration

This paper investigates the potential of integrated mobile financial information and transaction services which can help private investors in making time-critical investment decisions and portfolio transactions in time. The analysis of intraday stock price reactions following company announcements provides evidence regarding the added value of such services if abnormal price movements can be observed. As efficient capital markets react very quickly to new information available, private investors require combined mobile notification and transaction services. So far, existing concepts can not fulfill these requirements which results from inappropriate implementation of the security mechanisms in order to realize secure and trustworthy processing. After identifying potential weaknesses of current solutions we introduce an adequate system infrastructure which can realize secure information and transaction processing in time by permitting a smart integration of notification and transaction services.