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Mobile Financial Information Services, Security and Certification

Muntermann, Jan
Roßnagel, Heiko
Month: August
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2004
Keywords: Mobile Commerce; E-Finance; Mobile Brokerage; Security Requirements
Abstract: Non-institutional investors are normally unable to react quickly to market events, which can have significant impact on their portfolio value. Especially when a critical market event occurs much depends on processing the information efficiently and in time. Mobile information services may then improve the information supply for these investors. In this contribution we will determine which financial information services are suitable for mobile use and show what kind of improvements the use of this technology will provide. We take a look at the potential benefits of mobile financial information pull and push services and also determine the security requirements of such services comparing them with what current technology has to offer. It shows that none of the technologies used today is able to provide the support for all the stated security requirements and that at least three areas would profit from certification.