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Stand und Perspektiven der Evaluation der Aktiven Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Deutschland

Fitzenberger, Bernd
Volume: 3
Number: 2
Pages: 139 - 158
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2002
Abstract: This paper gives an overview on the design and the evaluation of Active Labor Market Policy (AAMP) in Germany. While expenditure on AAMP is very high (43 billion DM in 2000), a comprehensive evaluation of its effects is missing. We discuss the methodological problems involved and the data requirements for a convincing evaluation. In the past, policy makers did not appear interested in a scientific evaluation of their sometimes erratic AAMP and no appropriate data were made available. This situation is changing slowly and awareness for the necessity of evaluation is increasing. However, there is the risk that some recent attempts by policy makers to foster evaluation may prove counterproductive.