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Explaining the Changing Communication Paradigm of Agile Information Systems Development: a Research Model, Measurement Development and Pretest

Hummel, Markus
Rosenkranz, Christoph
Month: June
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2013
Keywords: Agile Information Systems Development; Agile Software Development; Measurement Scale Development; Item Sort Pretest

Agile information systems development (ISD) methodologies are gaining more and more popularity because those approaches are considered as an effective way for managing rapidly changing requirements in turbulent environments Despite growing research efforts, the fundamental processes that underpin agile ISD methodologies are still not well understood. Our contribution in this paper is twofold. First, we extend our knowledge on the theoretical underpinnings of agile ISD methodologies by developing a research model that is based on a solid theoretical foundation. Specifically, we propose that what we call „social agile practices? have positive effects on the communication behavior of agile ISD teams in terms of communication informality and frequency. This, in turn, leads to higher mutual understanding and better relationships, resulting in higher ISD success. As a theoretical framework, we employ the Unified Model of ISD Success and extend it with context-specific insights from the Cognitive-affective Model of Organizational Communication and Media Naturalness Theory. Second, we develop measurement scales for the identified constructs. The proposed scales are then tested for construct validity in a pretest assessment that is based on an item-sort task. The results show very high values for the substantive validities of the constructs, indicating good construct validity.