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Employee Empowerment with Computer Based Learning: An Empirical Investigation

Pahlke, Immanuel
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Year: 2013
Keywords: Employee Empowerment, Computer Based Learning, Problem Solving and Decision Support
Abstract: Enterprises are confronted with frequent changes in their business environment which require quick responses. Thereby, highly skilled and flexible employees play a major role since they are able to respond promptly. To enhance competencies and flexibility, the concept of employee empowerment has been proposed. In this respect, the workforce is given an increased level of autonomy and offered support during their decision-making processes. It is evident that technology can contribute within this context. However, the role of computer based learning with regard to the support of decision-making activities and the acquisition of competencies, especially in combination with increased employee autonomy, has been neglected until now. On the basis of an empirical case study, we find that the usage of computer based learning within employee empowerment initiatives fosters the acquisition of competencies and increases employee flexibility. Additionally, enhanced employee autonomy is found to have a positive moderating effect on both relationships.