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Specifying Information Systems for Business Process Integration - A Management Perspective

Becker, Jörg
Dreiling, Alexander
Ribbert, Michael
Volume: 1
Number: 3
Pages: 231 - 263
Month: August
ISSN-Print: 1617-9846
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2003
Keywords: Business process integration; supply chain integration; supply chain process management; customer relationship management; managerial views; business objectives; data warehousing

Supply chain management and customer relationship management are concepts for optimizing the provision of goods to customers. Information sharing and information estimation are key tools used to implement these two concepts. The reduction of delivery times and stock levels can be seen as the main managerial objectives of an integrative supply chain and customer relationship management. To achieve this objective, business processes need to be integrated along the entire supply chain including the end consumer. Information systems form the backbone of any business process integration. The relevant information system architectures are generally well-understood, but the conceptual specification of information systems for business process integration from a management perspective, remains an open methodological problem. To address this problem, we will show how customer relationship management and supply chain management information can be integrated at the conceptual level in order to provide supply chain managers with relevant information. We will further outline how the conceptual management perspective of business process integration can be supported by deriving specifications for enabling information system from business objectives.