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Economic Valuation of Identity Management Enablers

Koschinat, Sascha
Bal, Gökhan
Hegen, Marvin
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2011
Abstract: Telecommunications operators face an elementary change in their traditional business model. A potential direction of this change is business models that concentrate on the exploitation and monetisation of the huge amount of customer data that result from the usage of traditional communication services. Based on these data and other factors, such as telcos'' longstanding relationships to their customers, and infrastructural assets and capabilities, telcos are a reasonable candidate for assuming the role of identity management service providers (IdMSPs). This document presents a method to evaluate privacy-enhancing IdM Services from the perspective of a telco acting as prospective IdM Service Provider. The basis for the valuation method is the concept of Identity Management Enablers, which is used to analyse and describe the services and scenarios on which the decision supporting method is based.