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Multi-Channel Management and its Impact on Customers'' Purchase Behavior

Gensler, Sonja
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the effects which additional sales channels have on customers’ purchase behavior. Therefore, a method is proposed to decompose the impact of additional sales channels on revenues into an up-selling effect, a cross-selling effect and a loyalty effect. Furthermore, the use of intervention analysis is proposed to separate customers’ self-selection effects from the effects additional sales channels have on customers’ purchase behavior. The conducted empirical study demonstrates that a simple comparison of customers’ average purchase behavior does not allow to properly analyze the effects that different sales channels have on customers’ purchase behavior because they do not consider systematic differences of customers that are independent of the sales channel.
Year: 2003
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Book Title: Modern Concepts of the Theory of the Firm: Managing Enterprises of the New Economy
ISBN: 978-3540405092
Adress: Heidelberg et al. 2003
Editor: Fandel, Günter / Backes-Gellner, Uschi / Schlüter, Manfred / Staufenbiel, Joerg E.
Publisher: Springer
Pages: 122 - 138