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Enhanced Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services – Demo of the PICOS project

Kahl, Christian
Böttcher, Katja
Tschersich, Markus
Heim, Stephan
Abstract: As online communities get increasingly mobile, enabling new location based community services, including privacy and trust for their users gets more important. Within the PICOS project we investigated and elaborated innovative concepts to improve the privacy of users within mobile communities based on three exemplary communities.
Keywords: Privacy; Identity Management; Mobile Communities; Social Networks; Mobility; Application Prototype
Year: 2010
Link External Source: Online Version
Book Title: Towards a Service-Based Internet
ISBN: 978-3642176937
Adress: Berlin Heidelberg 2010
Editor: Elisabetta, Di Nitto / Yahyapour, Ramin
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Pages: 218 - 219