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DISE: Dynamic Intelligent Survey Engine

Schlereth, Christian
Abstract: Knowledge about consumers’ preferences is of utmost importance for many marketing decisions, but transactional data are frequently unavailable. Therefore, marketing researchers have developed ground-breaking methods that build upon stated preference data to measure consumers’ preferences; these methods include self-explicated methods, ratingbased conjoint analysis, and choice-based conjoint analysis. This article describes DISE (Dynamic Intelligent Survey Engine), which aims to enhance research involving the measurement of consumer preferences. DISE is an extendable, web-based survey engine that supports the construction of technically sophisticated surveys and that limits the effort that researchers must invest to develop new preference methods. We discuss the overall architecture of DISE, discuss how to implement and include new data collection methods, and finally outline how these new methods can be employed in surveys, using an illustrative example. We conclude this article with an invitation to researchers to join in the development of DISE.
Keywords: Web-Based Survey; Survey Platform; Conjoint Analysis; Preference Measurement
Year: 2012
Link External Source: Online Version
Book Title: Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management. Marketing Models and Methods in Theory and Practice
ISBN: 978-3834930606
Adress: Wiesbaden 2012
Editor: Diamantopoulos, Adamantios / Fritz, Wolfgang / Hildebrandt, Lutz
Publisher: Gabler Verlag
Pages: 225 - 243