Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

The Effect of Brand Gender on Brand Equity

Lieven, Theo
Grohmann, Bianca
Herrmann, Andreas
van Tilburg, Miriam
Volume: 31
Pages: 371 - 385
Month: May
ISSN-Print: 0742-6046
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2014
Keywords: Psychology Marketin Design

Brand personality has been suggested as an important source of consumer-based brand equity, yet empirical research on the relation between brand personality perceptions and brand equity is scarce. This article examines the link between masculine and feminine brand personality and brand equity as well as the underlying process of this relationship. Study 1 reported herein involves 140 existing brands and demonstrates that high levels of brand masculinity and femininity relate positively to brand equity, and that this relation is not moderated by participants’ sex. Study 2 demonstrates that brand gender accounts for brand equity ratings above and beyond other brand personality dimensions. Study 3 identifies ease of categorization as the underlying mechanism for the relationship between brand gender and brand equity.