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Green IS Design and Energy Conservation: An Empirical Investigation of Social Normative Feedback

Loock, Claire-Michelle
Staake, Thorsten
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Year: 2011
Keywords: Social Normative Feedback; Energy; Green Design

A combination of information systems and socio-psychological concepts holds the potential to exert a positive influence on the energy consumption of individuals. In a field study among 9,929 users, we investigate whether descriptive and injunctive normative feedback lead to significant effects on energy demand if delivered by a website have the same effects as when delivered via personal interaction as in Schultz et al.’s (2007) study, and whether both feedback types have different effects on repeated voluntary system usage. We found a similar pattern with respect to energy consumption as did Schultz et al. (2007) based on personal interaction, and no difference with respect to frequency of system usage. The findings are important for the design of information systems that utilize feedback concepts to induce a sustainable energy usage among households. Ultimately, the results support utility companies and policy makers to cost-effectively meet regulatory saving targets.