Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

The dynamic capabilities perspective: from fragments to meta-theory

Rogbeer, Shalini
Michaelis, Björn
Volume: 38
Number: 7
Pages: 662 - 684
ISSN-Print: 2040-8269
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2015
Keywords: Dynamic capabilities; Fragmentation; Meta-theory

– This paper aims to show how researchers can overcome problems of fragmentation and eclecticism in an important strategy paradigm, namely, the Dynamic Capabilities (DC) perspective.

– First, the explanandum of the theory of DC, conceptualized as a theory of strategic change, is generates. Second, four main constituent theoretical perspectives of DC were selected and their explanans on the explanandum of a theory of strategic change was mapped. Third, the explanans of a theory of strategic change was parsed out to derive the critical fragmentation sources as illustrated by the classical papers in DC.

– First, consistent explanans of a theory of strategic change are integrated to build a meta-theory of strategic change. Second, testable propositions based on the meta-theory, in the context of industry convergence, a context which requires the development of dynamic capabilities in an uncertain and changing environmental context are developed.

– By developing a meta-theory of strategic change, researchers are provided with the tools to overcome the confusion of fragmentation and eclecticism, specifically in the field of strategy research.