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Silence is Silver, Talk is Gold? Analysis of Classroom Talk in A Learner Centred Setting


In one of our studies we asked students about the nature of their classroom communication. Amongst others we got the following answer (and some very similar versions of it): “… Oh well, what can I say. It—s always the same. We sit around in our classroom. And the teacher talks non-stop. And we try not to fall asleep. Sometimes we do, though … The only chance we get to say something is, when teachers ask questions and we are supposed to answer them. And then it has to be exactly the answer our teachers expect. Otherwise they won—t accept it.”

Year: 2012
Link External Source: Online Version
Book Title: Learning, Social Interaction and Diversity – Exploring Identities in School Practices.
ISBN: 978-94-6091-803-2
Editor: Hjörne, Eva; van der Allsvoort, Geerdina; de Abreu, Guida
Publisher: Rotterdam, Boston, Teipei: Sense Publishers
Pages: 103-117