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Social Media Management Strategies for Organizational Impression Management and their Effect on Public Perception

Benthaus, Janek
Beck, Roman
ISSN-Print: 0963-8687
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2016
Keywords: Strategic social media management; Mixed methods approach; Impression management; Receiver operating characteristic analysis; Twitter; Public perception

With the growing importance of social media, companies increasingly rely on social media management tools to analyze social media activities and to professionalize their social media engagement. In this study, we evaluate how social media management tools, as part of an overarching social media strategy, help companies to positively influence the public perception among social media users. A mixed methods approach is applied, where we quantitatively analyze 15 million user-generated Twitter messages containing information about 45 large global companies highly active on Twitter, as well as almost 160 thousand corresponding messages sent from these companies via their corporate Twitter accounts. Additionally, we conducted interviews with six social media experts to gain complementary insights. By these means, we are able to identify significant differences between different social media management strategies and measure the corresponding effects on the public perception.