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Bridging The Gap - Organizational Mindfulness and Mindful Organizing in Mobile Work Environments

Dernbecher, Sabine
Beck, Roman
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Year: 2014

Organizational Mindfulness (OM) can support management and employees working in increasingly dynamic, mobile work environments driven by cloud computing or mobile devices. Specifically, in mindful organizations, reliable outcomes arise from cognitive processes of revealing and redirecting events and their potential negative consequences in the face of complex Information System (IS). However, despite OM’s relevance across hierarchical levels, extant IS research has not yet clearly distinguished its results depending on the different levels on which mindfulness emerges. Thus, this paper analyses OM from a multi hierarchy level perspective and thereby augments the concept by Mindful Organizing (MO). In contrast to OM as managerial process, MO evolves as a bottom-up process from the employee level of an organization. Thus, based on data from 256 users of an organization wide cloud-based Desktop as a Service system, we found significant positive influence of a differentiated effect of both, OM and MO, as well as a highly significant positive effect of the combination of both on job performance. Therefore, we suggest (1) a nuanced view on mindfulness in future IS research incorporating the influence of hierarchical levels regarding this organizational phenomenon and (2) mindfulness as concept to cognitively handle the challenges of mobile work.