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Fostering the Adoption of Open-standard IOS by Business Partners - Exploring the Role of Institutional Pressures

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Year: 2014
Keywords: Inter-organizational information systems; Open standards; Institutional pressures; Influence strategies; Business partners

Inter-organizational information systems (IOS) play a critical role in today’s organizations and their rela-tionships with business partners. While large organizations already began utilizing such systems since their dawn in the late 1970’s, SMEs have largely been reluctant to adopt and use this technology. For a focal organization considering adoption of IOS this is especially troublesome, as such systems are subject to high network effects. By laying special focus on IOS based on open standards for communication and business interaction, this study draws from institutional theory and the technology-organization-environment framework (TOE) as theoretical lenses with the aim to provide additional insights into the mechanisms of open-standard IOS adoption. By investigating how institutional pressures exerted on or-ganizations can contribute to mitigating inhibiting forces in the organizational and technological contexts of organizational open-standard IOS adoption, the study aims to uncover influence strategies for organi-zations to foster adoption of such systems among business partners.