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Extending Process Virtualization Theory: Development of a Research Model and Pre-test

Bedué, Patrick
Kuharic, Marina
Rosenkranz, Christoph
Year: 2014
Keywords: Process Virtualization Theory; Process Virtualizability

In times of increasing globalization and the continuing growth of Internet-based processes and services, it becomes necessary to study emerging phenomena such as process virtualization from a novel theoretical perspective. Recently, Process Virtualization Theory has been suggested to provide such a new perspective for understanding factors that affect the behavior of process participants when they face a virtual process. In order to verify the theory’s core claims, we design a research model and subsequently develop measurement instrument to empirically analyze and test Process Virtualization Theory. We develop our measurement instrument to investigate perceived process characteristics from the perspective of process participants as users. We conduct a pre-test of our measurement scales in the form of an online survey with 62 participants. The aim of this pre-test is to validate our measurement instrument and to get an early understanding of construct validity.