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Entrepreneurial Communities and the State: The Emergence of Korea’s On-Line Gaming Industry

Casper, Steven

Book Chapter: Entrepreneurial Communities and the State:  The Emergence of Korea’s On-Line Gaming Industry


South Korean firms have been pioneers within the on-line computer games sector, creating an industry that ranks second behind the United States. This industry is comprised almost entirely of new entrants that grew to become leading on-line game developers. From the perspective of comparative institutional research, this pattern is surprising, as the Korean business system has not been conducive to the formation of entrepreneurial ventures. The Korean case strongly contrasts to the Japanese one, despite strong capabilities of Japanese firms in the related sector of video games.The key causal factors behind the emergence of the industry are the withdrawal of the large conglomerates from the wider video game industry, the formation of a highly capable community of entrepreneurs, and government policies, particularly surrounding broadband Internet access. We also highlight the role of the 1997–1998 financial crisis, which opened up a ‘window of opportunity’ for new forms of entrepreneurship.


Keywords: Structure and change of business systems; Innovation; Online games; Entrepreneurship; Governmental strategy
Year: 2016
Book Title: Changing Asian Business Systems: Globalization, Socio-Political Change, and Economic Organization
ISBN: 978-0198729167
Editor: Richard Whitley; Xiaoke Zhang
Publisher: Oxford University Pres
Pages: 306 - 332