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Advancing Non-compensatory Choice Models in Marketing

Ariberg, Anoche
Zantedeschi, Daniel
Allenby, Greg M.
Bentley, Taylor
Curry, David J.
Dotson, Marc
Henderson, Ty
Honka, Elisabeth
Kohli, Rajeev
Jedidi, Kamel
Seiler, Stephan
Wang, Xin Shane
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Year: 2017
Keywords: Non-compensatory; Lexicographic; Elimination by aspects; Search Identification; Error theory; Direct utility
Abstract: The extant choice literature has proposed different non-compensatory rules as a more realistic description of consumers’ choice than a standard compensatory model. Some research has further suggested a two-stage sequential decision process of non-compensatory consideration and then compensatory choice, where the determinants of each stage may differ. Some aspects of non-compensatory choice modeling are under-studied. In this article, we hope to advance the understanding of non-compensatory choice models with the following aims: (a) providing an overview of existing representations for non-compensatory choice decisions, (b) discussing how such choice decisions can manifest from the economic search theoretical perspective, (c) exploring the empirical identification of non-compensatory decisions using different data, and (d) presenting applications of non-compensatory choice models in novel domains.