Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

The Role of Chief Marketing Officers for Venture Capital Funding: Endowing New Ventures with Marketing Legitimacy

Homburg, Christian
Hahn, Alexander
Sandner, Philipp
Volume: 51
Number: 5
Pages: 625 - 644
ISSN-Print: 0022-2437
Link External Source: Online Version
Year: 2014
Keywords: chief marketing officer, entrepreneurship, venture capital, legitimacy, start-ups

Research on new ventures has indicated that poorly conducted marketing is among the main reasons for new venture failure. To acquire urgently needed initial funding, new ventures strive to conform to investors' expectations of appropriate marketing capabilities because these capabilities may endow them with legitimacy in the eyes of potential investors. Drawing on organizational legitimacy and human resource theory, the authors argue that the characteristics of the chief marketing officer (CMO) may endow new ventures with marketing legitimacy. Employing a two-stage selection hazard rate analysis to simultaneously account for potential selection bias and right-censored observations, the authors analyze a comprehensive data set of 2,945 high-technology new ventures. Bearing in mind that this research is a first exploratory attempt to illuminate the role of marketing for new venture funding using correlational secondary data, the results indicate that CMO education, marketing experience, and industry experience are positively related to the likelihood of funding. Moreover, the relationships between CMO characteristics and funding are contingent on task-related uncertainty and industry legitimacy. These findings provide initial insights for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and public policy makers.