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An Epistemological Foundation of Conceptual Modeling.

Ribbert, Michael
Niehaves, Björn
Dreiling, Alexander
Year: 2004
Keywords: Conceptual Modeling, Information Requirements Engineering, Language Communities, Epistemology

The success of contemporary organizations depends on their ability to make appropriate decisions. Making appropriate decisions is inevitably bound to the availability and provision of relevant information. Information systems should be able to provide information in an efficient way. Thus, within information systems development a detailed analysis of information supply and information demands has to prevail. Based on Syperski's information set and subset-model we will give an epistemological foundation of information modeling in general and show, why conceptual modeling in particular is capable of specifying effective and efficient information systems. Furthermore, we derive conceptual modeling requirements based on our findings. A short example illustrates the usefulness of a conceptual data modeling technique for the specification of information systems.