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One of Two or Two for One?-Analyzing Employees’ Decisions to Dual Use Devices

Ostermann, Uwe
Year: 2017

Driven by the accessibility and affordability of multipurpose devices like smartphones, an increasing number of individuals dual use the same device for work and private life. Our study complements existing literature that focuses on the relative advantage of consumer IT in general, by investigating additional factors that are assumed to influence the decision between dual use of a single device for both work and private life and multihoming with two separate devices. Our contribution to the field is twofold. First, we develop and validate a new multi-item scale to measure the ‘inconvenience of two devices’, which is the implicit cost of multihoming. Second, we conduct a choice-experiment and find that, in absence of any relative advantage of consumer IT,‘inconvenience of two devices’ increases and ‘perceived privacy risk’decreases the likelihood of any dual use scenario, whereas ‘perceived financial risk’only decreases the likelihood of using a privately owned device.