Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database

Interaktive Preisfindung als zwischenbetriebliche Prozessintegration auf Basis von Web Services

Bernhardt, Martin
Volume: 35
Pages: 169 - 177
Year: 2006
Keywords: Web Services Service-Oriented Architecture Outsourcing Interactive Pricing

Interactive pricing mechanisms such as auctions or negotiations allow buyers to participate in the pricing process and enable sellers to price-discriminate. This article depicts a service-oriented architecture based on web services to enable a seamless integration of interactive pricing functionality into existing online-shops. Thereby, we grant online-retailers access to complex pricing mechanisms while we reduce both the cost and the time needed to implement such functionality. Illustrating the case of Pricing Systems (www.pricing-systems.com), we show that such integration is feasible and currently in use in up-and-running Electronic Commerce retailer sites.